Alpine Valley Music Theatre

Alpine Valley Music Theatre 200 Level Seating


Sitting Here for a Concert

The only non-premium reserved seating, the 200 level sections provide a more traditional seating environment for a show at Alpine Valley. Stadium style chairback seats run from single lettered rows at the front, and end with triple lettered rows at the back (Row CCC is the last row in each section).
Some of the best views in this area will be found in the single lettered rows of Section 202, where fans will be near the front of the section and have great head on views of the stage. Most seating in the 200 level sections will be protected under the roof in the event of inclement weather, however the last 12 rows (Rows RR-CCC) will not have any coverage.  -

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  • "Not as bad as expected since there is an obstruction from a pole"

    (Section 202) - -

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