Allstate Arena

"Center Views, But Far From Concessions"

Seat Review From Section 215, Row R, Seat 7
Nov 2013


The views from Section 215 were almost right down the center, and I had great viewing angles to both the stage in the middle of the floor and the stage at the end. I was just 7 seats from the aisle on the right of the section, where seat 1 probably has the most dead center view, but I had no complaints with the view I had from a few seats in. But it was very difficult getting anything to drink up here as all the concessions stands were located on the lower level and longer sides of the arena, rather than on the shorter ends of the Allstate where I was located.

Once I got to the concession and merchandise lines, they were pretty long as a result of the scarcity, and the concourse halls were absolutely packed before the show with long lines of fans waiting to purchase souvenirs.

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