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Sitting Here for a Concert

For a traditional end stage performance, the floor at Allstate Arena consists of floor section 1 closest to the stage, followed by floor sections 2 and 3 behind, and at the back is where you will find floor sections 4 and 5.

Given the impressive proximity, seats in floor section 1 are an exciting option for a traditional setup, however it is important to note that the rows can have up to 50 seats in each. Seats 25-26 would give you the best angle to the center of the stage, but it will also be difficult to move to and from the seats as you have to climb over as many as 24 other seats.

Seating in floor sections 2 and 3 begins with row 11 at the very front during a traditional end stage performance due to seating in floor section 1 running from row 1 to row 10. These sections are much narrower than floor section 1 in the base configuration, typically featuring 24 seats in each row. In both of these sections, seat 1 would have you on the center aisle for the best viewing angle to the center of the stage.

Seating on the floor can vary significantly from performance to performance at Allstate Arena, including the possibility of floor sections 1-3 all running up to the front of the stage, as well as a single general admission standing room only floor.   -

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    • "At least 30 rows back"

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    • "Pray for Short People"

      (Floor 6) - -

      The floor is great, but there are definitely some potential risks if your angle to the performer is behind a taller person. I'm about average height and I had a giant about 4 rows ahead of me that made it difficult to see what I wanted sometimes. The floor seats have very little leg room, so getti...

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