Alamodome Club Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Some of the best seats at the 2018 Final Four are located along the sideline in the 200 level. Tickets in these sections will be scarce, but they will be worth it when compared to similarly-priced options.

First, these sections offer unobstructed views of the court. When you consider that roughly 70% of all seats are located behind the basket, this is a huge perk.

Second, these sections offer enough elevation to see the court comfortably without making you feel disconnected from the action. These sections would be comparable to upper level seating a traditional basketball venue (meanwhile, 300 level seating at the Alamodome would be comparable to sitting on the roof of a traditional venue).

Finally, the greatest aspect of these sections is their size. Each section includes just six rows of sitting, which makes it easy to get to and from amenities, like restrooms and concessions. Contrast this with the lower level where there will be more than 60 rows of seats. The best seats in those sections will come with the downside of long hikes up and down the stairs.   -

Interactive Seating Chart


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