Alamodome Lower Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Fans looking to sit on the lower level of the Alamodome for the Final Four will find that some of the cheapest tickets are located in the corner of the arena. Unless you absolutely must sit in the 100 level - and can not afford tickets along the sideline - we recommend passing on these seats and choosing tickets in another area.

Corner sections close to the sidelines - like 108, 109, 130 and 131 have the worst sitelines on the lower level. These sections are not angled towards the court and will make it difficult to follow the action.

Other corner sections like 104-107 and 126-129 provide more comfortable sitelines. Unfortunately, these sections are pushed back away from the action and can feel separated from the ambiance that is expected of lower level seats.

If you are purchasing tickets in this seating zone, we recommend choosing a higher row for a more comfortable view and better access to the main concourse.   -

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