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Upper Level Side Seating at Scotiabank Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

You won\'t find a better upper level view for a traditional end stage performance than those found in sections 310 and 320. Close to the stage without having an extreme side angle view, and at a fraction of the price of a lower level ticket, these seats are a good find for those on a tighter budget for an end stage layout.

Seats in sections 311 and 319 might get you a little bit closer to your favorite performer on an end stage, but be aware that most views here look straight away at the side of the stage, and have limited view of the front of the performance. Whenever possible, avoid being too far behind the front of the stage by choosing the lowest numbered seats in section 311, or the highest numbered seats in section 319.

Most upper level side sections have 19 numbered rows of seating, and as the entry tunnels are located just above row 3, you will want to find yourself in rows 1-6 for the best combination of view and easy access.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "They were not even seats they were standing and we were told there was no room for us."

      (Section 309) - -

      I bought the tickets off Vivid and was deceived and overcharge. Thanks to the wonderful Air Canada Centre, they put us up on the sixth floor with folding chairs.

    • "Right over the stage - good value !"

      (Section 310) - -

      We were pretty high up but quite a good view of the stage. The main screen in the middle was a bit blocked by the lighting system but otherwise not bad.

    • "Favorite Seats: 309 ROW 14 SEATS 2, 3"

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