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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 202 are labeled A-Y

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  • Section 202 Reviews

    Upper Deck Center

    Oct 2019

    Section 202, Row U, Seat 33

    This seat was pretty much smack-dab at the center. That meant awesome views of the stage and videoscreen. It also meant that you have to pass A LOT of people to get in and out. Wish they would have put a couple more aisles in this section. Otherwise, no complaints.

    Nickelback - Jul 9, 2023

    Jul 2023

    Section 202, Row Y   Verified Customer

    Seats were in section 200 center stage! Awesome!

    • Upper Concourse Sections


      On the Shoreline Amphitheatre seating chart, sections 200-204 make up the Upper Concourse. When looking for cheap tickets, the decision often comes down to these seats and the Lawn. Like the Lawn, these seats are not covered by the canopy. This is not a big deal on a nice summer night, but for hotter evenings and daytime shows this does make a big difference compared to the Lower Concourse. Guests will find much better views in Upper Concourse seats compared to the Lawn. These sections are well-elevated and feature good sitelines from just about every seat. The biggest downside to these sections is that you might get stuck in a very long row of seats. The upper rows of Section 102 contain more than 60 seats. Sitting here either means getting up and down for other people a lot or having to climb over a lot of strangers to enter/exit your seats. The best way to avoid the long row issue on the Upper Concourse is to choose tickets in Rows A-D where there are fewer than 30 seats per row. 

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    • "Very Good View"

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      As long as people don't stand, it's a nice seat. Comfortable with good leg room.

    • "Hard to see."

      (Section 204) -

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