Xcel Energy Center

Section 209 at Xcel Energy Center for Concerts


Interactive Seating Chart


  • Row Numbers

    • For most concerts, rows in Section 209 are labeled 1-7, RLS
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row RLS
    • When looking towards the stage, lower number seats are on the right

    Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • Upper Level Corner

      (Seating Zone) -

      1.6 of 5 - SeatScore™

    • "Seating was so steep and no room"

      (Section 207) - -

      A 300 pound guy was next to me and our seating was so steep he fell down two rows. I had more room in my seat on the C 130 I flew in when I was in the army 40 years ago than the seat at the concert.

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