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  • Section 227 Seating Notes

    Row Numbers

    • Rows in Section 227 are labeled 1-20, 21-22
    • Wheelchair seating is available behind Row 20
    • Entrances to this section are located at Rows 1 and 22

      Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations


      Jun 2011

      Section 227, Row 14, Seats 100-104

      Good to stay out of sun and good for the face value.

      Great View! No Support Obstructions

      Jul 2011

      Section 227, Row 5, Seats 16,17

      Considering how late we shopped, we were fortunate to buy seats this good, under cover but not behind the supporting posts so we had no obstructions. Price was pretty good too. We traveled from Texas to see this game. Lived in Chicago 70-74 and Rockford until 83, went to many games at Wrigley Field. Always liked the Crosstown games. Cubs needed help to avoid a sweep by Sox so we came to town to give that to them. Our presence was the difference because they knew we were there and gave us a win....Go Cubs!! Got a new field cap also!!

      Awesome 200 Level Aisle

      Jun 2019

      Section 227, Row 2, Seats 19-22

      Row 1 could get distracted by fans passing by, but not in row 2. You get just enough height to see over fans walking between the 100 and 200 sections. The aisle is to the right so the people walking by won't block your view. They're the perfect seats!

      Column in Section 227, Row 6, Seat 2.

      Section 227, Row 6, Seat 1

      • Terrace Reserved Outfield

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        Similar to the Terrace Level Infield, these seats down the baselines have some of the highest risk for obstructed views. The first 6 rows are the safest options (known as the Terrace Box portion of m...

      • "Clear View for Budget"

        (Section 231) - -

        I like these seats alot because the poles are in the back of the section leaving clear views for almost all the seats. It is also the last section under cover... Although be careful in higher number seats as they may be left open. You can see the video board and the game perfect though which is al...

      • "Could Be Better..."

        (Section 203) - -

        Both my wife and I could barely see the pitchers mound. It was frustrating because we couldn't tell when the pitch was coming. The video board was also hard to see. It was kinda chilly so it was actually nice to be in the sun, but I'd be upset if it was a hot day.

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