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  • Section 205 Seating Notes

    Row Numbers

    • Rows in Section 205 are labeled 1-30
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row 1

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      First Row Behind the Aisle

      Jun 2019

      Section 205, Row 1, Seats 14-18

      If you're looking for extra leg room you'll get it in the first row of the 200 sections. We had a ton of room between our seats and a railing. There's two reasons I don't give these seats 5 stars - the aisle and location. There are a lot of people that walk by and breifly block your view. It's distracting. The location is just ok. I've sat in better, but the seats are at least angle toward home plate.

      Clear infield views in rows 1-8

      Section 205, Row 9-23

      While you need to consider the neighboring beams from rows below the beams themselves in aisles further down the line (202-204), in section 205 you begin to have a less extreme angle to the field.

      • Terrace Reserved Outfield

        (Seating Zone) -

        Similar to the Terrace Level Infield, these seats down the baselines have some of the highest risk for obstructed views. The first 6 rows are the safest options (known as the Terrace Box portion of m...

      • "Clear View for Budget"

        (Section 231) - -

        I like these seats alot because the poles are in the back of the section leaving clear views for almost all the seats. It is also the last section under cover... Although be careful in higher number seats as they may be left open. You can see the video board and the game perfect though which is al...

      • "Shady"

        (Section 227) - -

        Good to stay out of sun and good for the face value.

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