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Soldier Field Section 336 Concert Seating


Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Section 336 are labeled 1-15
  • When looking towards the stage, lower number seats are on the left

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Great angle, perfect view

Aug 2018

Section 336, Row 2, Seats 15 and 16

These seats were worth the price and gave a perfect angle to see the stage for the Beyonce and JayZ concert on August 11th. These seats weren't the most expensive or the cheapest, so they gave a lot of value for the price I paid. The seats felt close enough to the stage and I did not encounter any obstructed views. Also these seats have the best angle for a concert in my opinion. The seats do not face the stage head on or directly on the side, so you can see from many different angles. These seats were close to the aisle with a bathroom near by right outside of our section.

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