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SECTION 29A 2.9/5.0 SeatScore™

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Pros and Cons

  • Located in a good seating zone
  • Fan ratings of these seats are generally neutral
  • Most seats in this section are more than 10 rows/stairs from the concourse

A Deck Corner

Section 29A is a part of this seating zone

A Deck seating in the corners will keep fans on the lower seating tier and actually have better views of the overall game when compared to the AA Deck sections continue reading...

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In and around Section 29A
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  • Section 11A, Row 5
    99/100 Deal Rating
    November 26 - Michigan Wolverines at Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Section 27A, Row 16
    98/100 Deal Rating
    October 29 - Northwestern Wildcats at Ohio State Buckeyes
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In and around Section 29A
Showing tickets for Oct 29 - Northwestern Wildcats at Ohio State Buckeyes

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