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Section 15, Row 90
Row 90

About This Section

Pros and Cons

  • Located in an OK seating zone
  • Most seats in this section are more than 10 rows/stairs from the concourse


Section 15 is a part of this seating zone

With up to 93 rows of seating, sections in the East endzone of the Coliseum offer a wide range of experiences.

In the first ten rows you'll be within continue reading...

Seat Views From Nearby Sections

Section 16 seat view
Section 16
Section 14 seat view
Section 14

Ticket Prices and Deals in Section 15

Best Deals

In and around Section 15
  • Showing deals for all Rams games
  • Section 15, Row 5
    100/100 Deal Rating
    December 11 - Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams
  • Section 16, Row 4
    100/100 Deal Rating
    January 1 - Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams
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In and around Section 15
Showing tickets for Dec 11 - Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams

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