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FivePoint Amphitheatre
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Section 1Coming Soon!FROM $48
Section 2Coming Soon!$111
Section 3Coming Soon!$140
Section 4Coming Soon!$135
Section 5Coming Soon!$95
Section 6Coming Soon!$58
Section 101Coming Soon!$46
Section 102Coming Soon!$100
Section 105Coming Soon!$100
Section 106Coming Soon!$43
Section 201Coming Soon!$36
Section 202Coming Soon!$88
Section 205Coming Soon!$88
Section 206Coming Soon!$54
BoxesComing Soon!$125
Section 301Coming Soon!$41
Section 302Coming Soon!$38
Section 303Coming Soon!$59
Section 304Coming Soon!$55
Section 305Coming Soon!$45
Section 306Coming Soon!$49

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