Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Section 207 at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre


Seat View From Section 207

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  • Section 207 Seating Notes

    Row Numbers

    • For most concerts, rows in Section 207 are labeled LL, NN-ZZ, AAA-MMM
    • When looking towards the stage, lower number seats are on the right

    Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    Comfortable Suite Seats

    Jun 2018

    Section 207

    Don't like having to look through the railing, but this was a pretty nice spot near the center. 200 level suites are the way to go!

    This vs. Lawn

    Jun 2018

    Section 207, Row JJJ, Seat 16

    Unless you absolutely have to be covered, save your money and buy a lawn seat.

    Near the front of the back half of covered seats / unobstructed view!

    Sep 2018

    Section 207, Row PP, Seats 1-2

    Covered seats, no obstruction of stage in this section, half-way between stage and lawn. If the price is right, give these seats a go!

    Avoid Rows NN Due to Potential Obstructions

    Seats in Row NN of Sections 201, 207 and 208 are often labeled as obstructed view seats.

    • Pavilion 2 Corner

      (Seating Zone) -

      2.9 of 5 - SeatScore™

    • "Bad Angle"

      (Section 208) - -

      Feels so far away. Would rather be on the lawn looking straight at stage.

    • "First Row of Seats in 203"

      (Section 203) - -

      There's handicapped seating in front of these. Otherwise there is a ton of leg room. But the drawback is being right behind the walkway. Lots of people moving about.

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