The Colosseum at Caesars Palace concert

The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
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Orchestra 2FROM $142
Orchestra 3$149
Orchestra 4$235
Orchestra 5$210
Orchestra 6$150
First Mezzanine 1$125
First Mezzanine 2$149
First Mezzanine 3$138
First Mezzanine 4$177
First Mezzanine 5$149
First Mezzanine 6$142
First Mezzanine 7$135
Second Mezzanine 1$81
Second Mezzanine 2$75
Second Mezzanine 3$74
Second Mezzanine 4$88
Second Mezzanine 5$75
Second Mezzanine 6$72
Second Mezzanine 7$85

Other Seating Sections

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  • Front Orchestra 2
  • Front Orchestra 3
  • Front Orchestra 4
  • Front Orchestra 5
  • Front Orchestra 6
  • Rear Orchestra 2
  • Rear Orchestra 3
  • Rear Orchestra 4
  • Rear Orchestra 6
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