Bryant-Denny Stadium football

Bryant-Denny Stadium
Seating Sections For Football Games

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Section AFROM $42
Section AA--
Section B$50
Section BB--
Section C$80
Section CC--
Section D$73
Section DD--
Section E$109
Section EE$99
Section F$133
Section FF$51
Section G$179
Section GG$87
Section H$140
Section HH$62
Ivory Club--
Section J$100
Section JJ$57
Section K$104
Section KK$27
Section L$62
Section LL$27
Section M$67
Section MM$23
Section N$51
Section N1$61
Section N2$52
Section N3$14
Section N4$112
Section N5$88
Section N6$51
Section N7$15
Section N8$13
Section NN$65
North Zone 2$1560
North Zone 3$137
North Zone 4$1510
North Zone 5$137
North Zone 6$160
North Zone 7$271
Presidents Box--
Section S1--
Section S2--
Section S3--
Section S4--
Section S5--
Section S6--
Section S7--
Section S8--
South Zone 2$225
South Zone 3--
South Zone 4$148
South Zone 5--
South Zone 6$256
South Zone 7$165
Section U1A$30
Section U1B$26
Section U1C$67
Section U1CC$109
Section U1D--
Section U1DD$89
Section U1E--
Section U1EE$94
Section U1FF--
Section U1GG--
Section U1HH$67
Section U1JJ--
Section U1KK--
Section U1LL--
Section U1MM--
Section U1N--
Section U1NN$45
Section U1O$1225
Section U1P--
Section U1Q--
Section U1R$28
Section NN1--
Section NN2$7
Section NN3$7
Section NN4$7
Section NN5$7
Section NN6$7
Section NN7$27
Section NN8$7
Section NN9$6
Section NN10$6
Section NN11$6
Section NN12$10
Section NN13$12
Section NN14$39
Section SS1--
Section SS2--
Section SS3$56
Section SS4--
Section SS5$65
Section SS6$10
Section SS7$14
Section SS8$26
Section SS9$29
Section SS10$15
Section SS11$10
Section SS12$11
Section SS13$52
Section SS14--
Section U2A$20
Section U2B$23
Section U2C$33
Section U2D$202
Section U2E$45
Section U2N--
Section U2O$24
Section U2P$22
Section U2Q$20
Section U2R$25
Section U3A$19
Section U3B$19
Section U3C$18
Section U3D$559
Section U3E$19
Section U3F$19
Section U3G$45
Section U3H$47
Section U3J$45
Section U3K$22
Section U3L$23
Section U3M$18
Section U3N$18
Section U3O$16
Section U3P$17
Section U3Q$17
Section U3R$18
Section U4AA$40
Section U4BB$19
Section U4CC$10
Section U4DD$12
Section U4EE$15
Section U4FF$16
Section U4GG$15
Section U4HH$17
Section U4JJ$16
Section U4KK$23
Section U4LL$16
Section U4MM$11
Section U4NN$11
Section U4PP$9
Section U4QQ$7
Section U4RR$12
North Field Suite--
South Field Suite--
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