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    • For most concerts, rows in Section 6 are labeled 6-13
    • When looking towards the stage, lower number seats are on the right

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    Dec 2019

    Section 6, Row 9, Seats 1 and 2

    We paid over $350 a piece for tickets to see Cher at the AT&T center. We thought we were getting great seats on the lower level. They were the worst seats I've ever had for a concert. The AT&T center is a basketball arena. The seating chart on the stubhub website does not accurately indicate how rectangular the stadium is, and I was unaware of the seating configuation. The section 6 seats do not face the stage. They face perpendicular to the stage. So we had to watch the entire concert leaning forward craning our necks to the left to see past the people to our left who were also leaning forward to see. The seats are far away from the stage, and the view is totally blocked by everyone else trying to see from that angle. I will NEVER again pay a penny to go to a concert at AT&T unless I am lucky enough to get seats up close. It was a waste of money. I could have rented a Cher concert DVD and enjoyed it much more. My neck hurts!

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      Charter sections 10 and 20 are some of the most sought after concert tickets at the AT&T Center for an end stage performance. These two sections offer phenomenal side views of the stage and are as clo...

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