Assembly Hall

Section 2 at Assembly Hall


Seat View From Section 2

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  • Section 2 Seating Notes

    • Section 2 is a student section for Indiana games

    Row Numbers

    • Rows in Section 2 are labeled 1-19
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row 19

      Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

      Crazy close to the court!

      Jan 2020

      Section 2, Row 7, Seat 1

      I don't usually like sitting behind the basket at basketball games, but being this close was awesome! I was in the 7th row behind one of the baskets and it was an experience like no other! It was awesome when the action would shift to this end of the court, and the view wasn't so bad when it was at the other end. Being in row 7 gave me a good vantage point of the game. Also the band was in section 1 right next to mine, so the atmosphere was electric!

      • Floor Baseline

        (Seating Zone) -

        The Floor Baseline sections at Assembly Hall offer a unique experience for a basketball game. These sections are behind the baskets and depending on which row you are in, it could be difficult to watc...