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Section 511 at Angel Stadium


Seat View From Section 511

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  • Section 511 Seating Notes

    Row & Seat Numbers

    • Rows in Section 511 are labeled A-R
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row A
    • have 19 seats labeled 7-25
    • have 25 seats labeled 1-25
    • has 28 seats labeled 1-28
    • When looking towards the field, lower number seats are on the left

    Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    Obstruced view and cut-through aisle

    Jun 2017

    Section 511, Row E, Seats 1-4

    DON'T EVER BUY seats in Row E. 1. It sits over the entrance way to the level so there's constant traffic and noise below. 2. There is an extra set of steps that ends between seats 4 and 5 which means a bunch of people who have NO NEED to walk in front of you do it anyway. 3. Your view is also blocked by the people on the extra set of steps. 4. There is a 3 foot metal rail with a grate that blocks your view of OVER HALF THE FIELD. Buyer beware!!!!

    • View Level Infield

      (Seating Zone) -

      The view level is a collection of 400 and 500 level upper deck seating at Angel Stadium. The 500 level is just an extension over the 400 level and the only difference is that the 500 level seats are h...

    • "Good nosebleeds "

      (Section 529) - -

      Not bad last row up so no one behind you, steep walk up though

    • "Lean forward to watch the game"

      (Section 518) - -

      The seats had a great seating angle facing towards the pitchers mound and home plate, but the railings are a huge distraction from where I was. If I sat back naturally in the seat, the railing right in front would block out the back of the batters box and was incredibly annoying to have right there...

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