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Section 305 at Angel Stadium


Seat View From Section 305

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  • Section 305 Seating Notes

    • Rows C-H are recommended for outstanding convenience
    • Premium seating area as part of the Club Level
    • In-seat wait service available for Angels games
    • Rows E and above are shaded during most day games
    • See all shaded and covered seating

    Row & Seat Numbers

    • Rows in Section 305 are labeled A-H
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row H
    • have 13 seats labeled 1-13
    • have 14 seats labeled 1-14
    • have 15 seats labeled 1-15
    • When looking towards the field, lower number seats are on the left

    Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    Views are better higher up in the Club Level

    Sep 2014

    Section 305, Row H, Seat 1

    I've sat in the front row of the club level and closer to home plate, but the views from where I was in Section 305 Row H were far better. I could see more of the field from these seats thanks to the elevation above the railing at the front of the club seating deck (which really blocks some of the view in the lower rows). In the last row it was easy to get to and from the restrooms, and with in-seat wait service there's no need to leave the seats to get any concessions.
    I enjoyed not having anyone behind me so I could stand and stretch out a bit without worrying about ruining the view for the fans behind. The overhanging seating deck isn't huge above the Club level seats, but in Row H it provides pretty good protecting from the sun and the weather.
    Sitting higher up in the club level is definitely the way to go, and I much prefer the third base side as it tends to get more breeze than those over on the first base side.

    • Club Level


      The Club Level offers wider, padded seating and upgraded concourse amenities. Ticketholders seated in sections 309-343 also have in-seat food and beverage service. All ticketholders will have priority access to the Saint Archer Brewing Co.

      Given its location above 200 level seats, club sections offer a good elevated view of the game. Just be careful with seats too far down the line. Club sections 301- 312 and 340-351 have poor angles towards home plate and are a better option for a fan seeking club privileges than a fan who's keen on watching on every pitch.

    • Club Level Down the Line

      (Seating Zone) -

      Club sections down the line enjoy the same amenities as infield seating at a reduced cost. In-seat wait service is available in sections 309-314 and 338-343, access to fine restaurants and more comfor...

    • "Very disappointing for premium seats"

      (Section 306) - -

      When you pay the extra money for a club level ticket, you generally expect superior views and a great overall experience at the ballpark. But my club seats could not have been a bigger disappointment. I was in the first row of seating in my section, and was 6 seats in from the aisle on the right (...

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