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Recommended Seats for Great Views of the Court

Rows A-Z in Sections 107, 108, 109 and 110

  • Good viewing position along the sidelines and near midcourt
  • Single lettered rows keep you closer to the floor

Sections 210, 211, 212 and 213

  • Excellent alignment with the center of the court
  • Comfortable padded seating
  • Access to the private club level concourse

Rows A-E in Sections 411, 412, 413 and 414

  • Best viewing options on the upper tier Terrace Level
  • Below the concourse entryway with easy access to the seats

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Great Views of the Court.

Highest Rated Seating Zones

  • Main Level Side - - The main level side sections offer some of the best views for a basketball game at University of Phoenix Stadium, however you...
  • Club Level Side - - If you aren't able to find a seat in the closer rows of the lower sections near midcourt, the Club Level side sections are go...
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