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Popular Seating Areas

  • Club Level
  • Behind the Blackhawks Bench
  • Behind the Visitor Bench
  • Shoot Twice
  • At Center Ice
  • Lower Level
  • *Lowest price among all hockey games at United Center

Fan Ratings & Reviews

  • "I would say choose the 200 section or any section around center ice." - They have a wait staff that comes and takes food and drink orders so you don't have to leave your seats!
  • "The lexus 200 level at the united center is the best seating we have had so far " - Entertained by the crowd as much as the action on the ice that night.
  • "The 200 level, much like the 300 level, gives you a great vantage point." - You can see every bit of action and it is very hard to lose the puck. Some may gripe about the prices in the 200 level, ... - Section 215
  • "Blackhawks Shoot Twice" - Section 332
  • "SEC 334" - Section 334

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 331 is in the direction where the shoot twice

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