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Home & Visitor Benches

Home Bench - For most basketball games the home team sits in front of Section 105
Visitor Bench - The visiting team sits in front of Section 107

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor benches.

Highest Rated Seating Areas

  • Courtside Center - - For most basketball games at T-Mobile Center, Courtside seats are available along each sideline. Fans seated in courtside sec...
  • 100 Level Center - - For the best T-Mobile Center has to offer, consider tickets in sections 105-107 and 116-118. Each of these sections provides ...
  • 100 Level Corner - - The corner sections at T-Mobile Center are above average when it comes to watching basketball. The best of the bunch are the ...
  • 100 Level Baseline - - If sitting on the lower level is important to you, the cheapest tickets will be located in the sections behind the baskets. F...
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Seat Views

Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Only seats better than this are court-side" - - Sitting along the baseline is always the best for a basketball game in my opinion. This was certaint...
    Section 118, Row 5, Seat 4
  • "Great view behind the basket!" - - This was my second experience sitting close to the floor and I wasn't about to make the same mistake...
    Section 122, Row K, Seat 3
  • "Chance to high five the players + awesome view" - - These seats were great! My row was close to the court so I could make out the player's facial expres...
    Section 119, Row 2, Seat 6
  • "Cool view of the stadium, a little too far back" - - I have a love/hate relationship with these seats. On the positive side, I loved this "full stadium" ...
    Section 101, Row 30, Seat 9
  • "Better view from the corner than I expected." - - I sat in these seats for two games during the CBE Hall of Fame Classic. I debated for about an hour ...
    Section 120, Row 23, Seat 4
  • "Great view" - - Big X12 Basketball Tournament 3/14/2019 (session 2) Seats were great and the view of the game was a...
    Section 120, Row 16, Seats 13-14
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