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Fan Ratings & Reviews

  • "Best view of the entire play" - Larger more comfortable seats and great amenities inside without the crowds! - Section 208
  • "Section 238 is just darn beautiful!" - The view of the field and your fellow Hawks fans is fantastic. I really enjoy people watching and what a great spot for ... - Section 238
  • "Favorite Seats: 210, Row F, Seat 16" - Section 210
  • "Probably the best value at the Clink" - I've had season tickets at this location for four years now; they are probably the best value in the stadium. I don't kn... - Section 102
  • "Great Seats" - Other than the idiots that thought they should stand the whole game these were great seats for $70 - Section 108

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 135 is behind the Seahawks sideline

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