Allianz Field Seating for Minnesota FC Games


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Allianz Field Club Seats

  • Field Club - The Field Club seats at Allianz Field are probably the best seats for a Minnesota United soccer match. These are the closest seats to the pitch and of...
  • Loge Boxes - The Loge Boxes at Allianz Field are located on the west side of the stadium right behind the lower bowl sideline sections. Ticket holders in these sec...
  • Stadium Club - The Stadium Club sections at Allianz Field are located on the west side of the stadium, right above the sideline and Loge Box sections. Up to 900 fans...
  • Upper 90 Club - The Upper 90 Club at Allianz Field is one of the most exclusive seating areas for a Minnesota United soccer match, as the capacity is limited to just ...


    Supporters Section

    • The Supporters Section at Allianz Field stretches across sections 20-24. All of the seats in the Supporters Sections are general admission and fans in these sections are encouraged to stand and chant for the duration of the match.

    Minnesota FC Bench & Visitor Bench

    Minnesota FC Bench - The Minnesota FC sideline is in front of F3 and F4
    Visitor Bench - The visiting team sideline is in front of F7 and F8

    To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor benches.

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    Other Popular Seating Areas

    • Suites - - There are 19 Suites at Allianz Field and each suite features 16 seats. The Suites come with many upscale amenities such as: a...
    • Lower Bowl Sideline - - The Lower Bowl Sideline sections at Allianz Field have some of the best sight lines to watch a Minnesota United soccer match....
    • Supporters - - The Supporters Section at Allianz Field is made up of 5 sections, sections 20-24. All the seats in this section are general a...
    • Lower Bowl Endline - - Fans seated on the north end of the stadium will not only enjoy great views of pitch, but have easy access to the Brew Hall. ...
    • More Seating Areas

    Seat Views

    Other Photos From Allianz Field

    The Brew Hall is located on the north end at Allianz Field. The Brew Hall features 96 beer taps and full service food all available for purchase.
    The inside of the Brew Hall features picnic bench seating, table top seating, and many TV's so you never miss the action. The bar stretches across the entirety of the Brew Hall and any fans can enter and eat some food or get some drinks.
    The video board at Allianz Field is located right above the Supporters Section on the south side of the stadium. The video board has a height of 22 feet and a length of 116 feet.