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Floor Seats at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse are perfect for fans looking for a memorable experience to see their favorite artists live.

For most concerts at Rocket Mortgage Field House, the floor seating chart is sub-divided into nine floor sections labeled 1-9. The front floor includes sections 1-3 where fans will be seated within 26 rows of the stage. For most end-stage concerts these rows are labeled A-Z.

Rows on the Floor

As seats get further from the stage, the rows will have more letters associated with them. For example, in the standard setup, sections 4-6 have double lettered rows (AA-VV) while sections 7-9 will begin at AAA and end at MMM.

Sometimes the floor will be general admission or have GA Pit sections. Even though there may be a row and seat number listed on the tickets, there are no reserved rows or seats in these sections. Fans should expect to stand the entire time they are at the show.

Different Floor Layouts

The floor is the only seating type in the arena that is temporary. This allows performers to bring different stage setups for their shows. Often times this will alter the layout from the standard setup. Be sure to look at the setup for your specific show to understand where you will be located on the floor.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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