Section 208 will have a better vantage point to see more of the field from its higher position, however the foul pole will begin to come into your view near the endzone at the outfield end of the stadium.

We do recommend seats in the second seating tier due to their higher viewing angle which gives a better perspective to the entire field, however to minimize the frustration caused by the foul pole, we recommend considering sections 209-210 on the same side of the field, or sections 233B, 229, or 230 on the other side of the field, all of which will have very good views of the field.

Recommended viewing areas on the 200 level for football games at Yankee Stadium
Sections 209-210 and 229-230 will have some of the best views from the 200 level thanks to their positioning near midfield and angles which eliminate the foul poles from being an issue