Section 201 is one of the sections that is heavily obstructed by the center field plaza and sports bar. There are 24 rows in this section with each row containing between 26 and 32 seats. While you will be able to see home plate and the infield from every seat, views of left field are greatly diminished.

section 201 obstructed view
Typical obstructed view of left field from Section 201 - as seen from Seat 15 in Row 20

Generally speaking, seats 1-15 - which are on the right side of the section - have the poorest views. Additionally, the higher the row, the poorer the view.

If you are seated in seats 12 or higher in row 1, your view of the field will actually be pretty good. However, no matter which seat you are in, you will not be able to see the left field scoreboard.