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Are seats in the 300 level better than the 200 level at Wrigley Field?

Going to my first game and was wondering if what I had heard was true?

Aug 2013

Answered by RateYourSeats.com staff...

Seats in the higher rows of the 200 level have a very high probability of a view obstruction due to the support beams for the upper level as well as the deck above limiting the views of highly hit balls. You can avoid the obstructions by sitting in rows 1-5, as the obstructions start in row 6. Low rows in the 300 level sections will be free from any view obstructions and have a better overall view of the game than in the very back of the 200 level sections. The one benefit to the upper rows in the 200 level is the shade, as these seats will almost entirely be out of the sun during all games.

View from Section 236 Row 23 at Wrigley Field
Seats in rows 6 and higher will potentially have obstructed views due to support pillars, but are some of the best options for shade

Asked August 29, 2013 for Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs on Aug 31, 2013

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