Wrigley Field

Are Seats 5 and 6 close to Seat 101 in Section 111 at Wrigley Field?

I am looking at seats in Section 111 Row 1 - Thanks
Jun 2014

Answered by Steve at RateYourSeats.com...

Most seating sections at Wrigley Field feature an aisle which runs down the middle of the section. As you face the field from the aisle at Row 1 in Section 111, the aisle seat directly to the left will be Seat 101, while the aisle seat directly to the right is Seat 1. Therefore, Seats 5-6 will be closer to home plate by 5 seats and the width of the aisle, when compared to the location of Seat 101.

Seats 5-6 and Seat 101 highlighted above in Section 111 Row 1

Asked June 25, 2014 for Chicago Cubs vs. Baltimore Orioles on Aug 23, 2014

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