Williams-Brice Stadium

How are the rows arranged in Section 20 at Williams Brice Stadium?

I am in Row 8 and was curious how far I would be from the field.

Nov 2013

Answered by RateYourSeats.com staff...

There are a total of 53 rows in Section 20 at Williams-Brice stadium, running from Row A1 (at the front of the section) through Row A10, and then followed by Row 1 through Row 43 (the very last row in the section). From Row 8, you will be in the 18th row up from the field, which should provide good elevation to see over the player sideline and a great view of all areas of the field.

Seating Layout in Section 20 at Williams Brice Stadium
Lettered rows are located at the front of Section 20 (starting with Row A1), followed by the numbered rows behind

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