Williams Arena

Where is chairback seating at Williams Arena?

Frequently Asked Question

The first two rows in sections 222, 224, 201, 202, and 204 will have chairbacks.

Includes Section 204, Section 202 and more

There are only a few chairback seats available in the second level. If you are looking for chairbacks in a 200 level, look in the first 3 rows.

Includes Section 213, Section 212 and more

The first 23 rows of the lower level have chairbacks at Williams Arena

Includes Section 119, Section 120 and more

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    • "Overhead Lights shine in eye"

      (Section 116) -
    • "Good but not the best seats"

      (Section 116) - -

      Great seats but it was tough for my young daughters to see the game because the Gopher staff made the handicap gentleman in a wheelchair in the first row back all the way up against our seats. If the girls were in row 3, they would have been a little taller to see over.