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  • Asked 4 years ago
  • Do seats in Super Box 1 include food and drink with the ticket price?
    Asked 11 months ago

    Tickets in Super Box sections do not include food and drink. Ticketholders will have access to the club lounge and grille, along with in-box wait service - but all purchases are a la carte.

    When buying Super Box tickets, check the seller notes, as many season-ticketholders have a built-in credit for these seats. When purchasing tickets, you may end up with $25-$50 of free food and drink that expires when the game is over.

  • What side is the Sixers bench on?
    Asked 28 days ago

    The Sixers bench is located on the southwest side of the court - closest to sections 102 and 103. To sit directly behind the player benches, consider floor section West, which spans the entire west sideline.

  • What side do the Sixers sit on?
    Asked 4 months ago

    The Sixers bench is located on the SW side of the court. Fans seated in sections 102 and 103 will be closest to the home team bench.

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