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Is section 111 good for concerts at the Toyota Center?

Dec 2013

Answered by staff...

Lower Level Corner Seats Are Just OK For a Concert

Section 111 will be further from the stage than other lower level sections, but will be slightly angled toward the center of the floor for a decent orientation towards the stage.

Section 111 also starts higher than most lower level sections due to an entry tunnel located below the section, and has a total of 17 rows running from Row 9 through Row 25. Being higher up in the 100 level will provide a good elevation to be able to see all areas of the stage from a further back perspective.

Other Lower Level Recommendations

Section 122 View
Side seating on the lower level - like in 122 - feature impressive views of the stage from a close distance

Our most highly recommended sections in the lower level of the Toyota Center for the Miley Cyrus concert are 106, 107, 120, and 121 as these will have good proximity to the stage (which extends towards the middle of the floor), and will not have the extreme side views that are common for sections 104, 105, 123, and 124.

Asked December 23, 2013 for Miley Cyrus on Mar 16, 2014

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