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Are Loge seats better than Floor seats for Miley Cyrus concert at TD Garden?

Dec 2013

Answered by staff...

There are great seating options in both the Floor and Loge seating sections, and choosing the better of the two will depend on your personal preferences for going to a show.

Floor Overview

Floor Layout
The typical Floor layout at a TD Garden concert features nine sections of folding chairs

In the floor sections, you will be assured of a head on view to the stage (rather than some of the extreme side views that will be had in Sections 15 & 20). Floor seats will also be one of the closest places to be for the concert, and being so close to the action provides a high energy atmosphere. One concern with being on the floor is that the seats will be folding chairs setup on ground level, with no elevation between rows. This will increase the risk of having your view impeded if you should have a taller fan sitting just in front of you.

Loge Overview

Loge Seats can also get you very close to the stage, but will not have as much of a head on view to the center of the stage from the closest sections. We recommend sections 1, 12, 13, and 22 for the best combination of proximity to the stage and viewing angles from the Loge level. While the Loge seats will not be as close as the best Floor sections, they will however feature stadium style seating where your seating row is elevated above the row in front, which helps to reduce obstructed views due to the fans in front of you.

Asked December 17, 2013 for Miley Cyrus on Apr 2, 2014

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