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    How many rows are in each section at BB&T Pavilion?
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    Each section has a varying number of rows and seats per row. If you already have tickets, find your seats for row and seat numbers.

Fan Inquiries

  • Or are the seats split by a wall?
    Asked 6 years ago
  • Which seats are under cover at BB&T Pavilion?
    Asked 4 years ago

    All non-lawn seats at BB&T Pavilion (formerly Susquehanna Bank Center) are under the roof and will be protected from rain. That is, all seats in the Pit, the Boxes, 100 level and 200 level will be covered.

    Despite being covered, some seats are still susceptible to the sun as it is setting. Specifically, the back rows of sections 200-204 will be the last seats under cover to get shade.

  • Which sections at BB&T Pavilion are covered by the roof?
    Asked 4 years ago

    The lawn is the only area at BB&T Pavilion that is NOT covered by the roof. All shows are rain or shine, and if you have a ticket on the lawn you are permitted only to bring a small, portable umbrella.

    In addition to providing protection from rain, the roof provides shade for most seats. Exceptions include parts of sections 104 and 204 and the back rows of section 203.

  • Is lawn seating basically sit where you want and can we bring chairs?
    If we can bring chairs, any kind or a beach chair only?
    Asked 5 years ago

    The lawn at BB&T Pavilion is general admission. Though your ticket may have a row and seat number listed on it, you may sit where you choose. There are some support pillars that obstruct the view from certain spots on the lawn. Thus, we recommend arriving at least a half an hour early to secure a quality spot on the lawn.

    Lawn chairs and blankets are allowed (and recommended), but chairs should be beach-style and not rise more than nine inches off the ground. Alternatively, you can rent a chair from the venue for about $5.

  • What does LOGE mean at BB&T Pavilion?
    Asked 6 years ago

    The 200 level sections at BB&T Pavilion are sometimes referred to as the Loge. Sections 200-204 are located directly behind the VIP Boxes and in front of the Lawn. Although they are labeled "Loge", they are not elevated in any special way, nor are they box-style seating as the name might suggest.

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