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Are floor risers good seats for concerts at the Staples Center?

Mar 2013

Answered by staff...

Floor risers are additional seating areas that are placed in front of the normal seating in Sections 105-108. Rows in the floor risers get higher from the floor as you get further from the stage to help provide some height difference from the people in the seats in front of you.

Floor Risers
To accommodate more fans, a set of risers is added in front of 105-108 for some Staples Center shows

However the height difference in the floor riser sections is not as much as in the normal 100 sections, so your view may be more obstructed in these sections if you have taller fans in the seats in front.

The Floor Risers will keep you close to the action, centrally aligned with the stage, provide some relief from obstructed views, and are certainly a very good option for the Bruno Mars concert in July.

Asked March 08, 2013 for Bruno Mars on Jul 28, 2013

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