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In the 200 sections of the United Club, what rows get blocked by the overhang?

Sep 2017

Answered by staff...

The 200 level sections on the east side of Solider Field are part of the United Club. Given their amenities and benefits, these are among the most desirable - and expensive - tickets for a Bears game. These seats are especially attractive when the weather is unideal. The cover afforded to the back rows of these sections keeps them dry, out of the sun and less windy than other areas. Unfortunately, the same overhang that creates cover also creates challenges when it comes to seeing the field and the videoboards.

united club view
The view from row 15 in the section 215

For the clearest view of the field and videoboards, we recommend sitting in row 15 or below. The rows above these sections have a chopped-off view of the videoboards (or none at all), and a tunnel-vision view of the field.

soldier field videoboard
Seeing the videoboard is possible from rows 15 and below

For fans who want the best view in these sections, consider a seat in rows 1-9. Nowhere else in football can you find elevated seats like these so close to the field. To be fully protected from the elements and to be close to the climate-controlled United Club, sit in rows 16 and above. And for the best of both worlds, consider purchasing tickets in rows 10-15.

Asked September 01, 2017

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