Soldier Field

How many seats are in Section 130 Row 8 at Soldier Field?

Will these seats have a good view for a concert?

Apr 2014

Answered by staff...

There are a total of 17 seats in Section 130 Row 8 at Soldier Field. As you face the field from the section, seat 1 will be on the aisle at the left side of the section, while seat 17 is on the aisle at the right.

The view from Section 130 Row 8 for a concert with a traditional end stage setup will be decent, but not spectacular. The section is located on the lower seating tier which keeps you closer than the upper levels, however these seats are far from the stage at the opposite end of the field.

If you are searching for tickets to an end stage concert at Soldier Field, we recommend looking in the sections 105-110 and 136-142, which have very good viewing positions to the end stage without being too close resulting in extreme side angle views. Middle rows (5-15) are recommended as they provide good viewing height to the elevated stage without being too far back in the section.

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