Unlike most end-stage concerts at the Schottenstein Center, the Garth Brooks tour is selling tickets behind the stage. Tickets in sections 110-118, 208-220 and 308-320 are typically not sold, but are instead the cheapest tickets for Garth and Trisha's April stops in Columbus.

garth brooks behind the stage
Fans seated behind the stage at a recent Garth Brooks concert have decent sitelines to the stage

Photo Credit: theboot.com

While not ideal seats for seeing the performance, these sections do offer some visibility to the stage. During recent tour stops, a curtain was not placed behind the stage. Instead, the stage is lit from in front and behind, allowing for fans seated behind the stage to see the performers' backs.

You might not make eye contact with Garth or Trisha from behind the stage (as they'll be facing the other direction most of the time), but sitting behind the stage is an inexpensive way to sit close.