Ross-Ade Stadium

Will my view be obstructed in sec 133, row 5?

I am considering buying tickets there. My concern is that the poles that separate 33 from 133 will be in my view. A few other thoughts, how many seats in a row, and I see random stadium chairs - are they available only in those particular seats? If so, how would I know if one of the seats I purchase has the chair? Thanks.
Oct 2013

Answered by staff...

At Ross-Ade stadium, all sections will have an aisle that runs down the middle of the row, and in Section 133 row 5 which has a total of 24 seats, this leaves 12 seats on the left half of the section and 12 seats on the right half. The guard railing that divides section 133 from section 33 will be in your view slightly, but should only impact your view of the back half of the near endzone, and you should be able to see the goal line and the rest of the field with no issue.

The chairbacks that you see on some of the seats in the photos have been rented from the stadium in advance. Bringing your own chairback into the stadium is not allowed, but can be obtained at rental booths located at sections 103, 120, and at the south endzone. Whether your seat would have a chairback would depend on whether the ticket seller had purchased this rental option, so we advise reading the seller notes for the ticket listings you are interested in to determine whether your seat will have a chairback. But if your seats do not mention a chairback, these can still be rented from the stadium. Seats in sections C1-C6 will be the only outdoor seats with a permanent chairback at Ross Ade Stadium.

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