Seats at the Top of the 100 Level Are Easily Accessible

First, you will want to focus on the 100 level of the stadium. This will minimize your trip up escalators and keep you close to stadium exits/entrances.

Concourse Tunnels
The entrance to Lower Level sections at the Moda Center is at the top - near Row P

In the 100 level, the tunnels to enter/exit the section are near the last rows O and P. If you select seats here, you will have no walk up or down stairs into your seats.

Consider Side or End Sections For the Best Views

For this particular concert, we recommend side sections 112, 113, 101 and 122. The main issue with seating here is that you will have to turn your body a bit to see the stage.

Alternatively, we recommend Sections 117 and 118, which have a head-on view of the stage. The issue here is that you are pushed back farther. So if seeing is problematic, these might not be the best seats.