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How many seats are there in each row on the floor at the Moda Center?

I'm on the Floor in Row 2, seats 34 and 35 for the Motley Crue concert on December 15th.

Sep 2015

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Floor seats at the Moda Center are typically assigned to one section. This single section usually contains anywhere from 30-50 rows of seats. And for most end-stage concerts, these rows contain 42 seats with seat 1 all the way to the right of the stage and seat 42 all the way to the left.

Moda center floor seat numbers
Typical floor seat setup for end-stage concerts at the Moda Center

The layout of the 42 seats varies by show, but the following rules generally apply:

  • Rows 1 and 2 have 42 seats straight across with no breaks

In other rows...

  • Seats 1-12 are right-most (when looking at the stage)

  • Seats 16-27 are head-on to the stage

  • Seats 31-42 are left-most

  • Walkways are where seats 13-15 and 28-30 would be

Motley Crue Show

For the 2015 Motley Crue show, all of the above rules apply. In seats 34 and 35 you will be just to the left of center stage in an awesome spot to see the show.

Asked September 07, 2015 for Motley Crue on Dec 15, 2015

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