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What is the difference between 13H and 13L at Rose Bowl Stadium?

Feb 2014

Answered by staff...

Seating sections at Rose Bowl Stadium are divided into left and right portions by the aisle that runs down the middle of each section, with the H portion being on the right and L portion being on the left (as you face the field). Seats on the right side of the section start with seat number 101 (higher numbered seats), while seats on the right side start with seat 1 (lower numbered seats). Therefore, the H is used to designate the side with the Higher numbered seats, while the L stands for Lower numbered seats.

On our Rose Bowl Seating Chart you will see that both the H and L portions of section 13 have been combined into a single section, however seats in the L portion will be closer to the center of the stage, while the H portion is closer to the corner.

Section 13H vs. 13L at Rose Bowl Stadium
13H is the right half of Section 13 (containing the higher numbered seats), and 13L is the left half of the section (lower numbered seats)

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