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How are the rows numbered in Loge sections at the Rogers Place?

Aug 2016

Answered by staff...

While Rogers Place includes a healthy amount of traditional seating on the lower and upper bowls, the middle bowl - also known as the Loge - is made up of unique seating options that cater to small groups of fans.

The Loge Level at Rogers Place includes just three rows of seats. And there are only 36 seats found across those three rows, making loge sections some of the smallest in the National Hockey League. But it's not their size that is expected to make them popular among fans, it is their layout.

The first row of seats in the Loge is traditional stadium seating set up against a ledge. Similar to the Drink Rail seating found on the 100 and 200 levels, these seats will allow fans to place food, drink and phones down while enjoying the game. These ledge/rail seats are found in the first row of the Loge and are labeled either Row 1, 1A or 1B.

rogers place loge seating rows
Typical rows and table layout in Loge sections at Rogers Place

Directly behind the ledge seats are the highly-anticipated Loge Tables. Each section includes two rows of table with three tables in each row. All tables are half-circle in shape and include four seats facing the ice. These seats are perfect for small group that wishes to have easy conversation, plenty of room for concessions and a fanastic view of the ice.

Within each section, each table is assigned a letter/row combination based on its position. For example, Row 2A is another name for Table 2A, which is always the farthest right (when facing the ice) table in the second row of the Loge.

Asked August 22, 2016

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