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What does the AR mean in lower level sections like 130AR?

I am in Section 130AR for the upcoming U2/Lumineers Concert in June.

Jan 2017

Answered by Keith at

Sections 113 and 130 are some of the more confusing seating choices at the Rogers Centre. Each of those numbers refers to four different sections, labeled 130A, 130B, 130C, etc.

If your ticket say 130AR, you are sitting in Section 130A. While this is farther from the stage than 130B-D, you will actually have a more comfortable angle.

Adding to the confusion, an aisle runs down the middle of each numbered section, splitting it into a Left and Right portion. In your case, 130AR means that you are to the right of the aisle in Section 130A.

Asked January 12, 2017 for U2 with The Lumineers on Jun 23, 2017

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