The most expensive tickets for an Oilers game are typically found in the Gold and Silver clubs on the lowest level of the arena. On the opposite end of the spectrum are Standing Room Only tickets which are found at the very top of the upper level and are usually the cheapest tickets in the arena.

SRO Spaces

If you have an SRO ticket for an Oilers game, you won't have an actual reserved seat. For this reason, you should arrive to the stadium as early as possible (doors open 90 minutes before puck drop) to secure the best place to stand. Designated areas to stand are all at the top of the 200 level. Make your way towards Sections 207-213 or 225-231 where you'll be directed to your standing room area.

Oilers fans should aim for sections 225-231 where they'll see the home team shoot twice in the net at that direction.