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How does the 500 level compare to the 600 level at a Texans game?

Jan 2017

Answered by staff...

On NRG Stadium seating charts, the 600 level appears to be directly above the 500
level. While this is true, there are significant differences between
sections numbered in the 500s and 600s.

Showing 300-600 levels a NRG Stadium (100 level not pictured)

Distance From the Field and Concourse

Naturally, the 600 level sections are farther away from the field because they are higher up. But it's worth noting that because these sections are not a simple extension of the 500 level, they are pushed farther back away from the stage. In other words, there is a significant difference between the last row in the 500s (usually Row M) and the first row in the 600s (usually A).

600 level stairs
Reaching the 600 level requires additional stairs compared to the 500 level

Another item worth considering is the number of additional stairs it takes to reach the 600 level. While the 500 level is located just off the concourse, you must climb
at least 15 stairs to reach the first row of the 600s. While this may not turn off
fans seated in one of lower rows (A, B, etc.), it's worthy of
consideration for ticketholders who may have to climb another 15-30
stairs to reach a higher row. For fans who head to the concession stands and restrooms frequently, a ticket in the 500s will severely cut down on your time away from the game.

Ticket Prices

Tickets in 600 level sections are typically priced 15-30% cheaper than similarly-numbered sections in the 500 level. Given their superior views and convenience, the jump in ticket price is justified. Rows A-F in sideline sections of the 600 level usually offer good value. But if you can't find tickets there, we recommend paying a few extra bucks to claim a spot on the 500 level.

Asked January 20, 2017

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