Raymond James Stadium

Are Section P, Row 15 Seats 19 and 20 good seats?

Just purchased tickets for One Direction at Raymond James Stadium.

Aug 2014

Answered by Keith at RateYourSeats.com...

The seats in Field Section P are good. But being in Seats 19 and 20 makes these seats very good. In Row 15 you will be about 20 rows from the B stage, and will then have a clear sight line to the main stage. Conversely, Seat 1 is on the other end of the section and will have to look over about 50 rows of fans to see the main stage.

Seats 19 and 20 in Section P for the One Direction concert are close to the center of the stage

Asked August 07, 2014 for One Direction & 5 Seconds of Summer on Oct 3, 2014

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